A beginner's guide to Lindy Hop (Volume 1)

  • €15,00

The first 20 of a 100 (or less) lessons on becoming a Lindy Hopper. A dancing superhero writes about the stuff you're going through at dancing classes and parties, and problems you think only you have.

  • The guide deals with questions, problems, and dilemmas that the majority of people either don’t discuss or don’t even think about. It’s written for a Lindy Hopper (and other Swing dancers), but the majority of it can be applied to other dances as well. It’s also meant for non-dancers.
  • Along with the lessons, there are additional "Stories from the corners of the dancing floor" and "Lindy poetry" sections.
  • This is a beginner’s guide, but it’s both for those who are only starting to dance and those who have been dancing for a while.
  • A5 format (21 × 14,8 cm = 8.27 × 5.83 inches)
  • 80 pages

ALSO: Protect your "Beginner's guide" with a fake cover. It's perfect if you're buying the book as a gift for someone (who'd like to look good on photos while dancing, or who has trouble recognising Balboa dancers at Lindy Hop events, etc.)