• Who are you, Janakis?

      A superhero. Thus my identity should remain a mystery. I’m no one in particular and everyone in part.

      • Why do you have a greek name?

      The Greek goddess of dance Terpsichore has given me that name. The name derives from the word that means something like the one who begins. The root of the surname is found in the dance that gods would’ve danced if the jazz had been played back when they walked the Earth.

      It’s pronounced /ya’nakis/. The accent is on the second syllable, not on the first.

      • Aren’t you the guy from Zagreb with the glasses?

      For lindy’s sake, no! That guy is my boring editor with bad ideas. He would be useless if he weren’t a bloody fast typist.

      • Where do you live?

      Next door to Batman. We frequently dine together. Batman pays because he sells more T-shirts. Nevertheless, he envies me because of my good looks, but still refuses to dance.

      • How well do you dance?

      I’m quite good, quietly. I think very highly of myself (unlike everyone else, especially J’n’J judges) but am aware of my flaws. I'm still waiting for my breakthrough. Then I'll start practicing.

      • Are you single?

      I am. Partly because women are intimidated by the cape and the mask, partly because women are genuinely not attracted to writers, and partly because I’m self-centered.

      • Are you a dance teacher?

      If answering students’ question with: “You can find the answer in the book” can be called teaching.

      • Where can I find you?

      You know, superhero and that stuff, so the answer is: you can’t. But you can find my B-team at festivals (you’ll find out on the website at which ones).

      • So, what about this book?

      It’s here. At least the first 20 lessons (volume 1). Out of a total of 100 lessons. Which is not few. So you’re free to send me your questions, problems and ideas through the contact form.

      • What’s the difference between the book and this website?

      The book has 20 lessons, website 5. The book also contains bonus materials, such as short stories, poems, etc. And the book smells nice, compared to the website which doesn’t smell at all.

      • I’m already a Lindy Hopper, so I don’t need a book on how to become one.

      The book may be even more interesting if you’re a proper Lindy Hopper (“propper”). You should definitely read it.

      • I don’t dance the Lindy Hop.

      No one’s perfect. You especially. Comfort yourself by buying the book. By the way, an Argentinian Tango teacher said that the majority of the text can be applied to the Tango and other dances as well.

      • I’ll never dance well.

      Sure you will. Everybody can. Maybe it will take you longer than some prodigy. But you’re certainly better at something else. Or have a great personality.

      • How long does it takes to write a lesson?

      An hour of writing. And ten days of editing. I keep doing the same mistake and consult my team which then analyses and judges every single word, asks a hundred questions, makes a thousand suggestions, and wants me to write from three other perspectives. Then I go mad, unfriend them and re-write a post.

      • How do you come up with content ideas?

      I don’t. They are there, just questions lying around being unanswered, letting you think you’re the only one whom they’re torturing. I can’t remain passive while watching insecure beginners or witnessing uncomfortable social situations. I wanted to add a thought about unwritten rules that rule the dancing halls, but the problem is that many unwritten rules haven’t been unwritten yet!

      • Are you really going to write 100 lessons? Why 100 lessons? Why not 200 lessons?

      100 is a very nice number. Better than 200. Maybe the best of all. It’s neither too big, nor too small. And is reachable. There are too many topics in social dancing that no one’s writing about.

      • What makes you an expert on this matter?

      I’m no expert. I’m just a guy with a good haircut and some spare time. But I’ve been through a beginner’s hell and back. An average timid beginner, a person who’s never danced before and who’s afraid of new things in life, and has no special talent - they don’t need dr. Oz, they don’t need an extrovert highly talented world class teacher, they need someone like them. As long as it’s someone good-looking.

      • What’s your favourite dance routine?

      Mine. I didn’t choreograph it yet, though.

      • I don’t have the same opinion on some matters. What should I do?

      You should start writing your own book with all the wrong opinions.

      • Who is your fashion role model?

      Larry David with a cape.

      • I think I’ve fallen in love with you.

      I’m flattered. Please send me an email describing what you like about me. Unfortunately, as superheros are not meant to date, we don’t have a future together. Spiderman couldn’t date Kirsten Dunst because of all the people who needed help, while Superman’s relationship was also pretty disfunctional. There are too many beginners who need rescuing.

      • Do you make money from your blogging?

      I make money only from selling my book and merchandise. But this website is the drain I throw my money down. I still didn’t pay the designer, and the translator. But hopefully I will, and after I do, I’ll buy myself a pair of Saint Savoy shoes. That would be great.

      DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way associated with the Saint Savoy brand, but am hoping they will read this and give me a pair. (My size is EU43)

      • What’s your favourite swing festival?

      ILHC, Snowball and Harlem.

      DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way associated with the ILHC, Snowball or Harlem organisers, but am hoping they will read this and give me full passes and pay for the plane tickets.

      • How can I buy the book?

      It’s in the webshop. All the information about the payment and shipping are in the footer section.

      • That’s that, right?

      Yes, this is the bottom of the page. Browse the lessons, posts, and play a game called: who’s gonna share more lessons on social networks?

      Thanks for reading.