Everything started in 2015 as a desire to help insecure and timid beginners. You know how beginnings are always hard, how people are easily dropping out of classes. It’s not easy to start dancing. Let alone join a group of strange people who can already dance, know each other, and with whom you should dance, and in front of whom you should dance. And this „retro“ and „vintage“ dress-codes don't help at all. Then I realised that, even besides beginner’s troubles, there were too many topics about dancing and swing that no one's writing about. So I started to write, the lessons kept coming out, people liked it. Surprisingly, this silly project survived the initial burst of enthusiasm and didn't fade with time. Back then it was a blog in Croatian, and then I thought: why wouldn’t more people read this? I grouped a team and told them: “We’ll make a book! You’ll do all the work, and I’ll take all the credit!” And so we have the book. Have I helped the scene grow? Has someone wanted to give up dancing but, thanks to this guide, continued? I have no idea. Probably not. But we had fun. Hope you’ll have fun too.


You can't do everything alone. Because you don't want to, and because there are people who do some things better than you. But you can't always get the best people, you have to work with what you can get. Sometimes it won't be an A-team, and you'll have to settle for a B-team. And, so I did. But let me tell you, they do better than most A-teams. They're the best average team you can find. Thus they all dance the Lindy Hop.