Volume 2 - working titles

To compensate yesterday’s joke I’m giving you an insight into Volume 2 lessons. A few at the bottom are still in the making. Those are all working titles so who knows what they’ll really look like.

21 Reasons I could have been rejected

22 Stuck-up beginners

23 With whom to dance at a festival

24 How to get the most out of classes

25 Where to dance in a dance hall

26 Two types of dancers

27 What Lindy Hoppers to host

28 Three types of falling in love on a dancefloor

29 There are introverts here too

30 With whom (not) to start dancing

31 Targeted audience

32 Where to look while dancing

33 Let them solo dance

34 How to dance with the bone breakers

35 How to ask way better dancers for a dance

36 How to persuade a friend to start dancing

37 101 reasons for not winning a competition

38 ?

39 ?

40 ?

Any wishes for 38-40? :)

Volume 2 still writing

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