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I am not sure about these social networks. They’re twisting my reality. I’m following all these Lindy Hoppers (whom I’ve never actually met) on Instagram and Facebook; I know who's teaching where which weekend, I know who's teaching with whom, who's practicing with whom, who’s doing a new choreography, I even know whose birthday is when (since all birthday jams end up on Insta stories). Then a festival comes and I finally see them in person and somehow feel free to ask how the choreo is going, how they liked Vietnam... I wish them all the best for their birthday last week, congratulate on graduation, and ask them to send best wishes to their grandma… while they have no idea who I am. So, I’m pretty much building an image of a stalker and a weirdo.

I really should start wearing a mask and a cape. Costumed superheroes get by pretty well with that kind of creepiness.

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