My Lindy Shock 2017 log

Three days before the Lindy Shock

I'll be at Lindy Shock this year! Well, at least my book will. I'm sending my boring editor there to sell it. I told him to dress nicely, but the doubts are real. He'll probably wear a boring vest and get a disastrous haircut. He'll sell nothing again! Why do I even put up with him!?
Two days before the Lindy Shock

I am not sure about this Lindy Shock. The more I think about it, the more it seems it would be better to burn all the books than to send my boring editor to sell them there. He'll just get drunk, bore everyone he encounters with his desperate "spontaneous" jokes, and try to get a deal with other sellers for some fancy dancing shoes he doesn’t need, or he'll flirt with top star teachers just to get a discount for a private class. I know - I'll give a free book to anyone who sends me a compromising photo of him, so I can finally fire that cheap master of boredom.

A day before the Lindy Shock

I told my designer that I'd like a photo of my book browsing the Lindy Shock website and this is what I got.

Pic for the Lindy Shock


I also talked to my editor about Lindy Shock last night. I asked him something, he then started to answer, but I fell asleep before he finished the sentence, he was so booooring. It was like dancing with someone who leads 50 tuck turns in a row. I told him he's off the Budapest case. I'll be going there - disguised as him; I just have to act boring and charmless and no one will notice any difference.

At the Lindy Shock

Let’s go for a walk around the town, my sales manager said yesterday. So we walked. Then he remembered that the last time he was in Budapest there was a nice cake shop just around the corner… but didn’t know which corner. So we walked and walked around all the corners… searching for that stupid cake shop for 3 hours! Of course there wasn’t any cake shop - he just wanted to tire me down; I managed to dance three dances and was ready for bed. He planned it all, so he can pretend to be me and get all the glory and free drinks. #archenemy

The third say of the Lindy Shock

He’s doing it again - sabotaging me! He’s been in the bathroom for an hour! I’ll be late for the class! He wants me to miss it, so I don’t become a better dancer then him.

The day after the Lindy Shock

The day after a festival when you keep your wristband to subtly show off to your colleagues how your weekend was cool while theirs was dull.

Actually, I am posting this just to pitch a joke that everyone till now found stupid (but I know you're better): I was looking at my registration number, especially the 2, and thought what a strange font, it doesn't look like 2, so it's a very odd 2 - while in fact 2 is an even number.

Ok, I'll put #badjokealert hashtag.

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