2-year challenge

Forget about the "10 year challenge" - be brave and put a video of you dancing 2 years ago! Looking back at my dancing even 6 months ago horrifies me every time. I see a footage of a robot looking just like me, trying to dance; moving his arms and legs without any smoothness or grace... oh, pardon me, no, he's NOT moving his arms!

I mean, the problem is not that I was dancing badly, it’s that I was convinced that I danced pretty well, and was happy with my groove, body movement... I considered myself a pretty cool dancer. That's the horror.

By the way, we should invent a time machine just for traveling a year into the future so we can check if everything we’re doing now is really as cool as we think it is. And we should focus on haircuts - I can’t think of anything that people are less rational about than a present haircut.

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    gayskbyjms on
  • You were the best you at the time tho, does that count at all?

    Leena on
  • True dat, haircut is key.

    Atram Bart on
  • thankfully it applies only for those dancing 2+ years :)

    jgarin on

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