Cable vs swing out

I had to buy a new cable for my computer because it turned out that it won’t connect to my wifi unless it’s connected to the router. It’s sort of like an umbrella not wanting to open when it’s raining.

I studied how the input and the output of the cable should look like and chose a new cable accordingly, only to realise that I bought the wrong cable. The input and the output are the same as on the right cable, but the cable itself is just not good. It’s too thin.

It’s the same with dancing - while it may seem that the beginning and the end of a swingout are good, that doesn’t mean that the swing out itself is good. Without a proper connection, there can be no stretch. And without stretch, there can be no swingout.

So I went back to the shop and bought a new cable. My Internet works now, but my swingout still sucks.

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